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What is Medicare Supplement Champions?

Medicare Supplement Champions assists independent agents sell Medicare Supplement Plans to consumers. Through our website, you have access to insurance carriers, training resources, rate comparison tools and additional sales tools for agents registered through our site.

Introduction to MedSupp Champions
Why Sell Medicare Supplements

Why Sell Medicare Supplements?

With deductibles and co-insurance, Medicare pays about 50% of the cost of an individual’s cost of healthcare. Maybe that is why only one person in 10 relies on Medicare alone for health coverage. The rest have some form of secondary coverage and for many that secondary coverage is a Medicare Supplement, often referred to as a Medigap policy.

Training & Education

Medicare Supplement Champions provides you with the training to understand the different Medigap (Medicare) Supplement Plans to fit your customer's current health supplement needs.


Sales Tools

Could you use some help with promoting your Medicare Supplement sales program? Medicare Supplement Champions has designed materials to help you explain the Medicare plans to your customers.

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Looking for a few new prospects? Medicare Supplement Champions can lead you in the right direction to target the more than 10,000 people turning 64 and six months on a daily basis.

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Medicare Supplement Champions helps independent insurance agents sell Medigap and other medical supplement policies. This agent only website provides you with educational materials, online training, rate comparison tools and other resources designed to assist you with selling Medicare supplement plans to consumer clients. For Agent Use Only – Not approved for use with the general public. Information deemed accurate, but not guaranteed. ­Copyright 2019